Self-Direction is an OPWDD Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBS) Service that empowers individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to design and manage services through a plan/budget based on their individual needs and goals.

A Self-Direction plan/budget allows individuals the flexibility to choose the right supports and services, empowering them to lead their best lives possible. With a Self-Direction plan/budget an individual can:
• CHOOSE to live at home with family, or in a home of their own.
• Pursue meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities, or participate in other activities (camps, community classes, joining a health club, recreation leagues)
• CHOOSE the staff YOU want to work with a schedule that works best for YOU
• Enjoy meaningful relationships with family, friends, and members in their community
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle
To learn more about Self-Direction, talk to your MSC and Regional Self-Direction Liaison.
You can learn more and find your Self-Direction Liaison on OPWDD’s Self-Direction website at

Creative Living Solutions Inc. offers both Independent Start-Up and Support Broker services to assist individuals on their journey. Our team can support you with:
• developing, implementing and managing the Self Direction Plan/Budget that outlines the supports and services needed to live your best life possible.
• Monitoring established plan/ budget and ensure that necessary paperwork is completed in a timely manner
• Recruiting, hiring, training and management of self-hired support staff as requested
• Connecting individuals with therapists, community classes, camps, community organizations, researching activities and volunteer opportunities as identified in the Self direction Plan/Budget
• Revisiting Person-Centered Planning on a regular basis or as changes occur and Facilitate changes to the Self Direction Plan/Budget as requested

If you are interested in working with one of our Independent Self-Direction brokers, please contact us at or 518 250 5761