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Founded in 2013, Creative Living Solutions Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to "Realize What's Possible" in their every-day lives.

Creative Living Solutions Inc., is dedicated to providing innovative supports and services to individuals and their families promoting full inclusion and participation into community life.

At Creative Living Solutions Inc., we believe that including individuals with developmental disabilities in community life builds more inclusive and diverse communities, breaks down barriers and promotes better understanding, enriching the lives of everyone in the community.

Success Stories

Allen's First Day of Work.

Allen's First Day of Work.

Photo of person named "Big Mike"

Big MIke

Discipline and Hard Work

Discipline and Hard Work

Creative Living Solutions Inc. Phone System:

Emergency On-Call/Incident Reporting: (518) 410- 3559
Compliance Hotline: (518) 410-3231
Office: (518) 810-8535

Ext 101 Reception

Christian Forde

Ext 102 Lead Self Direction Broker

Teresh Forde

Ext 103 Executive Director

Telberth Forde

Ext 104 Associate Executive Director

Thesilka Forde

Ext 105 Agency Broker

Calvin Flood

Ext 106 Corporate Compliance Officer

Michael Schmit

Ext 107 Agency Broker

Tabitha Ruiz

Ext 108 Community Habilitation Manger

Frank House